Hey guys!! Could some GW2 players do me a favor? I’m absolutely horrible at keeping things simple and making them expressive and I’ve been practicing with my own salads, but if people wouldn’t mind lending me their own character’s faces to try to draw? That would help a lot! Results should look something like the above three. Can’t guarantee I’ll do every single one of them though.

Could you please submit or reply to this with pictures or your character’s face? And maybe a tidbit or two about their personality? I’m sticking to humanoid characters (Humans, Norn, Sylvari) for now until I’m ready to expand my comfort zone.

Thanks guys!!

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    Goodness, it looks like you’ll be busy. If it strikes your fancy and you’re not entirely burned out by those who have...
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    Very late with this but - have fun with Incedia! (From my askblog here.) My Lightbringer Sylvari who goes around selling...
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    You’re welcome to have at Carastes! (Tag has a number of images with good colour refs. Closer face shots here but the...
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    Ogosh, I’d love it if you could draw Dulainn that’d be so nice ;u; Dulainn keeps to himself, for the most part, like...
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    I have Dhàtura, a thief and happy-go-lucky cook and carptenter on a pirate ship! If she proves to be too much trouble, I...
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    I have Dubháin, my surly, petulant covered-in thorns sylvari mesmer that usually communicates through bragging or...
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    Ah if you did Coriander or Lily that would be rad!! Cori is a hyper, childish little thing. Lily is a genteel...
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    Derwyn! Nerdy forever suffering little elementalist sylvari Thiri Shar! Opportunistic no-good sneak thief human...
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    I’ve got a mischievous leafy thiefy here~ (and bunch of screenshots on my tag for him) or a silly female salad
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    Areole, a travelling soundless sylvari who’s also a talented and accomplished bard. She’s fairly charismatic and...
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    Feel free to play with Ilex and Incana.
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    hit me up
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